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Aruba Instant-On – How to manage your business network remotely


Aruba Instant-On is a network management solution for small businesses that offers reliable, secure, and fast Wi-Fi.

This helps these businesses to increase employee productivity and provide connectivity to customers.

“It is designed for tech start-ups, for small boutique clothing stores, and even for hotels or gourmet cafes,” said Axiz Aruba HPE Business Unit Manager Traci Maynard.

“Aruba Instant-On delivers technology solutions that are affordable and provide access points and switches that are convenient, as they can be set up and installed relatively quickly.”

This is crucial for small businesses that may not have IT experts employed, but still need high-quality networking solutions.

Working from home with Aruba

Aruba Instant-On’s simplicity means it is also an effective solution for small businesses and companies that are supporting a remote workforce.

“Aruba Instant-On caters for a complete end-to-end type of solution – including working from home or the office – and gives users the same experience they would find in a corporate building,” explained Aruba Mesa Distribution Manager Pieter Engelbrecht.

It offers better Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength than competitors and gives business owners full control over their network through a mobile Android or iOS app.

About Aruba Instant-On

Axiz is a distributor of Aruba and offers four key value-adds to its Instant-On product – reliability, performance, ease-of-use, and security, said Engelbrecht.

This makes getting Aruba Instant-On through Axiz the obvious choice for your small business.

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