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Cloud Conference 2021 — In conversation with China Telecom Africa and Middle East’s Dayong Zhang


Dayong Zhang is the Chief Technology Officer at China Telecom Africa and Middle East, a division of the global ICT service provider China Telecom Global.

Mr. Dayong is responsible for managing the company’s technical road map for networks and products, building up partnerships with business partners and developing the company’s product portfolio.

Mr. Dayong has over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry and focuses on setting up the company’s network infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa region with high performance and high availability.

In this interview, Mr. Dayong discusses the company’s operations in South Africa and their areas of focus in the market.

He also explains the low-latency OTN network that China Telecom has established in Asia and provides insights into the company’s partnership with the JSE.

Moreover, he details what is meant by China Telecom’s “cloudification” and digital transformation approach, and the company’s future plans in South Africa.

The full interview with China Telecom’s Dayong Zhang is embedded below.

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