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Google fixes 19 security flaws with Chrome 94


Google is rolling out an update for its Chrome web browser that addresses 19 different security issues, the company announced in a blog post.

Chrome 94, the first release of Google’s new four-week update cycle, also introduces new features such as HTTPS-First mode and the sharing hub, according to a 9to5Google report.

The HTTPS-First mode will show a warning when loading a website that doesn’t support HTTPS — a more secure form of HTTP — safeguarding the privacy of Chrome users on public Wi-Fi networks.

Chrome’s sharing hub — a new feature on desktop clients — allows users to quickly copy links, access QR codes, and share to third-party websites, while those signed in to the client can also send to their own devices.

Google said the update implements 32 bug fixes and other improvements on desktop clients.

The iOS version of Chrome 94 adds the ability to download and open .mobileconfig files, which can configure iPhones and iPads to work with specific enterprise systems.

The Chrome 94 update also added an updated onboarding process and a new edit mode to manage tabs on iOS clients.

Android tablets also gain new features with Chrome 94, such as hosting desktop websites, freezing groups of dormant tabs, and automatically starting progressive web apps.

Google said the update would roll out over the coming weeks.

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